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Manipulated by marketing

this morning i was up early to catch a flight so my breakfast was some almond butter on crackers. not perfection, but decent enough for 4:30 am.
as i’m eating the crackers i stop and notice the box…and then i got mad.

why do the marketers feel the need, or have the right, to tell me that eating these crackers will give me “reduced guilt?”
why should eating crackers give me guilt at all? it doesn’t, but thanks for planting that seed mr. marketing.

this kind of stuff truly angers me. it plays on our emotions and manipulates us in an unhealthy way. and it’s currently everywhere….enjoy “guilt free” ice cream, savor “guiltless decadance” chocolate.

we have to get rid of feelings of guilt around our food choices, and marketers reinforcing those feelings in a sneaky way is detrimental…and they know it because it sells more product!

my point to all of this is, we’ve got to understand our emotions around food. feeling guilt, shame, or disgust about our choices isn’t healthy and it isn’t helping us reach our goal of being healthy and fit. because healthy means physically, mentally and emotionally well.

Summer shenanigans

summer is finally upon us!

i love warm weather. i love sun. i love the beach.

sadly iowa doesn’t provide me with great beaches, but that’s what planes are for!

in high school and college i was a lifeguard and loved spending literally 12 hours a day at the pool or the lake.

i had drawers of swimsuits and would pop one on and be out the door.then somewhere post babies my attitude about summer and swimwear changed.

i didn’t feel so great about putting on a suit and heading to the pool.

in fact, i missed several summers of pool time because i didn’t feel confident about how i looked.

i realized that my absolute favorite season had become a season that i now both loved and hated.

the sun and light made me happy, but i wished i could stay covered up in jeans and sweaters.

peeling off the layers of clothing wasn’t something i was ever ready for. and every freaking year around march i would vow that i was going to “get in shape” so i could enjoy summer.

and march, april and may would come and go and i would enter summer upset with myself that i once again hadn’t gotten myself ready.

“why can’t i get my shit together?” was the thought in my mind.

i finally decided to get to work and study myself, and study the behaviors around food, exercise, and mindset that were holding me back.

that began my 15 year journey into the world of mind and body fitness.

i learned that willpower was never going to be enough.

i learned that my cravings were trying to tell me something more than i love chocolate.

i learned that i needed to find exercise that i liked, not what anyone else said i should do. ptl i could stop trying to become a jogger!!

and most importantly i learned that there wasn’t a magic weight that was going to make me happy. i learned that lesson in a very, very hard way. happiness had nothing to do with my weight.

if anything i’ve said resonates with you, please know that i understand.

i know the struggle. i know how much you want a different outcome.

and i know how tired and worn down you feel from being on the constant rollercoaster.

if you’re ready to take the next step click here to set up a time to visit with me about where you are and where you want to be.

let this be the summer that you decide to find your best self and love her to pieces.

let go. let love.


What are you looking at?

consider this carefully. many of us spend time looking at ourselves, and often being pretty critical.

this is too big, that is too lumpy, this is wrinkly, that is…well that is just plain nasty. sound familiar?

we are pros when it comes to looking at ourselves and making judgments.

but what if we tried spending equal energy looking after ourselves?

more time appreciating what we do have, more energy on getting ourselves healthy, moving, enjoying life!

you have a choice. keep looking at yourself, or decide it’s time to really look after yourself…mind, body, soul.