In The Arena

Welp, that was humbling.

I haven’t been to the gym since January 9. First vacation, and then I got slammed by a nasty sinus cold for two weeks.

Today was a struggle to workout.
Full disclosure, I was pretty angry with myself when I started. Thoughts of…you could have been doing something not just laying on the couch.

I had to step aside and have a little chat with myself.

Would I beat anyone else up for not working out when they were sick? Would I tell them they sucked because they didn’t do some pushups or sit-ups?

Of course not!

Yet there I was, holding myself to some stupid, impossible level of performance.

Confession, I had a history of doing this in every aspect of my life. Good was never quite good enough.

Let’s say that just doesn’t work too well long term. I still struggle with it, but today I realize when I’m holding the bar too high…and I can give myself a pat on the back instead of a kick is the a$$.

Today I’m choosing to celebrate the fact I actually got back to the gym! I mean victory right!!.

I did the best I could today, and that’s all any of us need to do. Just the best you can given the situation you’re in.

Keep showing up, keep doing what you can, and celebrate the fact you are in the arena!