Manipulated by marketing

this morning i was up early to catch a flight so my breakfast was some almond butter on crackers. not perfection, but decent enough for 4:30 am.
as i’m eating the crackers i stop and notice the box…and then i got mad.

why do the marketers feel the need, or have the right, to tell me that eating these crackers will give me “reduced guilt?”
why should eating crackers give me guilt at all? it doesn’t, but thanks for planting that seed mr. marketing.

this kind of stuff truly angers me. it plays on our emotions and manipulates us in an unhealthy way. and it’s currently everywhere….enjoy “guilt free” ice cream, savor “guiltless decadance” chocolate.

we have to get rid of feelings of guilt around our food choices, and marketers reinforcing those feelings in a sneaky way is detrimental…and they know it because it sells more product!

my point to all of this is, we’ve got to understand our emotions around food. feeling guilt, shame, or disgust about our choices isn’t healthy and it isn’t helping us reach our goal of being healthy and fit. because healthy means physically, mentally and emotionally well.