Welcome, I’m really glad you’re here!

Welcome, I’m really glad you’re here!

I’m Sherry VanAntwerp, the Fitness and Mindset Coach for successful women entrepreneurs and professionals over 40. My mission is to help you reclaim your body and improve your overall groove in life!

There’s no shortage of information out there on how to get fit and healthy, and maybe you’ve even tried a few of them. But for some reason, it didn’t fit you and the results you were after didn’t last.

The truth is, when we are over 40 have a different playing field. What used to work when we were a decade or two younger doesn’t anymore. Our metabolisms are different, our hormones are starting to play fun tricks on us, our careers have brought new levels of stress, and oh yeah a lot of us are juggling families too!

Our plates are full and our cups runneth over (maybe too often with wine…lol). We want to find ourselves again. We struggle with thoughts like…

What happened to my body, I feel like someone bodysnatched me!
Why do none of my clothes fit right or look good on me?
Why can’t I sleep…I’m tired of seeing 3:00 am on my clock!
Who has time to make meals consistently…I’m probably a bad mom because we order out more than I’d like.
I’m so busy taking care of everyone else all I want to do at the end of the day is
I don’t want another year to go by like this, but I’m afraid I’ll end up failing.

If any of those statements sound familiar, you’ve come to the right place.

Over my 15 years of studying fitness and health I’ve learned that most of the “programs” out there are focused on only one or two elements of health, usually a magic workout or some crazy restrictive food program. I believe that there are 6 Core Components to fitness over 40, without addressing all 6 areas, success will never be permanent. It’s like putting a Band-Aid on a broken leg and hoping it all works out.

These are the 6 Core Components that I have found are crucial to lasting success.

1. Exercise is Enjoyable – If you aren’t doing something you enjoy, you will never ever stick with it. That’s a fact. Like me and running, I’m never going to do that year in and year out! Some of my clients say exercise is never enjoyable, so if that’s you then we at least have to find something that gives you a feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction!

2.  Good Sleep – Most women over 40 are chronically in a state of being tired. We need to teach you ways of getting more, and better, sleep to help regulate things like hormones and hunger.

3.  Nutrition – I could go on forever on this topic. Long story short, there’s a ton of BAD information out there about food. You should never eliminate carbs…or fats…or protein. We need all of them, and frankly marketing has told us to be scared of pretty much everything. Gluten is bad, fruit is bad, fat is bad! Ugh, how do we know what to even shop for? You need a plan you can live with that cuts through marketing and instead looks at actual science.

4. Hormones – Oh yeah, these are fun after 40 right?!? Hormones tend to get a bad wrap in our age group, but there are ways to work with them rather than against them…which is what most programs have you doing. We have to stop fighting our bodies and instead use the power of our hormones to help us!

5. Harmony –  Balance is a huge myth, it doesn’t exist. Shocking right?!? But let me free you right now from feeling like you can’t find balance, because it’s impossible! What you do need to find is harmony, that is a must. Harmony is accepting that nothing is balanced, but you are ok with the give and take that is required to find your personal harmony. This is super tricky for our generation that was told “we can have it all.” That’s not really working for many of us because we are riddled with stress and anxiety. Without someone helping you unearth your harmony, you’ll forever be in a state of inner conflict which is not conducive to long term success.

6. Confidence – Why does confidence matter? I find that most of my clients are very confident in their professional lives, but when it comes to their personal view of self, their confidence level drops. Being confident in ALL aspects of life is what opens the path to lasting success. You have to be confident to walk a different path, to make different choices, to zig when everyone else is zagging. In a nutshell, it’s improving your mind. Because the mindset that got you where you are is not the mindset that will get you, and keep you, where you want to be.

While most programs are after quick “results,” I want you to truly change your life forever…not just for a 21 day challenge, or a 60 day shape up. It takes time to create a new body and lifestyle that is going to be sustainable. Like most things, if it is made quickly it probably isn’t going to be quality.

If you would like to talk about how we can work together to start your journey, please drop me a note here or hop over to my Work With Sherry page. I look forward to knowing you!

Much Love –