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In The Arena

Welp, that was humbling. I haven’t been to the gym since January 9. First vacation, and then I got slammed by a nasty sinus cold for two weeks. Today was a struggle to workout.Full disclosure, I was pretty angry with myself when I started. Thoughts of…you could have been doing something not just laying on …

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Mercy Me

In a recent interview with Elizabeth Gilbert the host asked her, “what do you think is the most important thing a woman can do for herself especially in today’s world”? Elizabeth Gilbert: “To show herself mercy.We live in a very merciless world and it’s particularly merciless on women and we are so merciless against ourselves. …

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Is Overwhelm Your New Normal?

It’s easy to talk about self care and making ourselves a priority, But then an urgent meeting pops up, the kids get sick, we get the “surprise” that the in-laws are coming for the weekend. All our best intentions for taking care of ourselves, hitting the gym, eating better and getting more sleep are put …

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