Say it with me…”Help, I’ve fallen and I can’t get back up!”

Let’s face it, we will be forever quoting that line until it no longer is funny. Which won’t happen until we are in our 90’s, in a heap on the bathroom floor unable to get up. Then it will all feel like some perverse cosmic joke.
But what if we have already fallen?
Not in the physical definition, but rather in the mental and emotional definition.
What if we’ve gotten to a point where we have fallen so far down the rabbit hole of fatigue and low self-esteem that we can’t figure out how to get back up?
Many of us grew up being told that we could indeed have it all. Our mothers didn’t have the opportunities we did, they saw possibilities for us.
They encouraged us (ok maybe forced us) to grab the brass ring and “get it all.”
They meant well, but they had no idea the toll it would take.
Fast forward and we are in fact worse off.

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Coincidence, I think not!

If youve landed here its likely because you are looking for answers or a fix to some nagging worries.

Maybe youve tried lots of programs or classes, or maybe you have just tried to suck it upon your own.

But somewhere inside you know that you need a little extra help.

That inner nudge is what brought you HERE!

I’m not your typical coach with packages and programs because it is my belief that every situation is unique.

There’s no cookie cutter fix because no two life journeys have been, or will be, the same.

The way we work together is through an intuitive journey.

That inner nudge is what brought you HERE!

If you thought you were in this alone, you’re not!

I utilize my intuitive gifts and coaching skills, along with guidance from your higher self, guardian angels and guides to help you work through the challenges and questions you face.

Together, we structure a path that will allow you to move into clarity and purpose.

Honestly, that is what nearly all of my clients come to me wanting, clarity of their path and purpose.

If you thought you were in this alone, you’re not!

I get you!

The first step in working together is to schedule a brief call with me (20 minutes) where we basically chat like girlfriends having a coffee about what’s on your mind.

It’s really a chance for us both to see if we vibe, and if it makes sense to work together. I firmly believe success only happens if everyone feels comfortable.

I get you!

Some new clients get all they need from a single session, however the majority of my clients work with me for 4-6 sessions over the course of a few months. I have some clients with longer range goals that have evolved into working with me for a lengthier time, however this is generally not where I begin with new clients.

You can do the click thing here to send me a message and we will get a calendar date lined up!


Words of praise by my valuable clients.

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