It was a new beginning,t he end of one cycle and the beginning of another. I had separated from my husband of 12 years, who was the breadwinner. I was at a crossroads. So many choices to make moving forward. Should I stay? Should I go? Am I choosing the right career? Should I move in order to be with my current love interest? Incidentally, S.V.’s services were highly recommended by a treasured friend. Sherry had a great deal of information to offer. To my surprise, what she said didn’t resonate with me. I was confused, but thankful for her time. I had written down what she had said. Over the years things she mentioned had come true. I was in nursing school, but she stated that she saw me working at a soup kitchen type of place, helping the homeless and impoverished. That she had also envisioned me handing out warm winter coats. I, indeed–ended up doing a great deal of volunteer work in my community. I have helped serve food to those in need and handed out winter clothing to those living on the streets in Seattle and Bremerton. Sherry also divulged that I would work with children and animals. I volunteered at an animal sanctuary that rehabilitates animals and partners with the animals to facilitate healing in youth with a history of trauma. I have earned a degree in human services and now work in child welfare as a social worker. She had asked me if I had an affinity for animals because they would be offering messages from spirit. Years later, I was able to get an arm’s length away from a bald eagle perched on a dock. Onlookers were gasping in awe. You see, eagles were an important symbol in my family. I got chills up and down my spine. I knew its presence was a message from my passed on loved ones. They present themselves as a confirmation that I am headed in the right direction in life. A bald eagle even circled around me during an outdoor reiki session. After doing some soul searching–I decided not to move to be with my love interest. Let’s just say, it was for the best and highest good.

Sherry has a way about her that makes you feel comfortable. I felt like I was chatting with a long-time friend. Sherry genuinely cares about those she is helping along their journey. I’ve consulted Sherry on multiple occasions throughout the years. I am amazed by her insights. She is truly a gifted earth angel.

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